Strategic Sourcing: How Market Intelligence can save costs

The Strategic Sourcing is a known template to follow in order to analyze a sector with which the company is going to negotiate with.! ! However, there is a huge opportunity for MI-CI professionals to assume these activities in the companies, they just need to be introduced to the matter.

15 minutes will be spent explaining what is a Strategic Sourcing and why it is so close to CI-MI functions.

20 minutes will be spent through the Strategic Sourcing step-by-step, but with a view from a professional who have been through at least 8 thorough studies and has many tips to share. Example of issues to be approached:- how to build a long list of potential suppliers - how to estimate market share through a Request for Information (RFI)- the importance of including the value chain and the cost breakdown - how to build a spending analysis- how to forecast internal demand

The 5 minutes conclusion will show how attractive it is to use CI-MI expertise to support also tactical decisions, instead of only strategic decisions - and impacting the corporate in a much faster way

Key topics

  • Career path for the intelligence professional in Finance, such as in budget planning functions, or Procurement Departments
  • Template for developing a Strategic Sourcing analysis
  • Tips and main traps to avoid during the fulfillment of the template

Speaker profile

Viviana Loriato is a professional with 10 years experience in Business, Market and Competitive Intelligence for Innovation, Procurement and Sales.!! Graduated as an Industrial Engineer by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), with an exchange year at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, developed her career on the largest commodities producers in Brazil, such as Vale (mining), Fibria (eucalyptus pulp), and Raízen, a Shell JV with Cosan (sugar, ethanol and fuels distribution).! ! Recommended more than 10 millions of dollars in opportunities to cut costs in Strategic Sourcing Studies, implemented all processes of a Competitive Intelligence department from scratch, implemented business intelligence softwares in a variety of departments, forecasted market prices and internal demand for budget cycles and leaded strategic planning implementation.! ! International Intelligence speaker and passionate of using intelligence as a development tool.!