This is How CI can attract Mechanical Engineering Companies

Dutch metals wholesaler MCB uses their self-invented automated CI-system for many marketing purposes: CI, Permission marketing, E-mail marketing, Twitter marketing etc. Since 2018, the CI messages are also used to attract new customers through content marketing and employee advocacy. News articles about mechanical engineering subjects (MCB’s target market) attract new customers and are used to portray MCB’s employees as experts on mechanical engineering materials through social media like LinkedIn.


Key topics

  • Already 15 years an (award winning) fully automated CI system on the ‘receiving’ end of market developments as well as the ‘sending’ end (tailormade market news mails)
  • Relatively low yearly costs: about € 7000,- for keeping 2000 customers informed on a daily basis (by one full time employee) through mail
  • Facilitates various marketing instruments: e-mail, Twitter, content marketing and employee advocacy.


Speaker profile

Edwin Vlems is Manager Marketing at metals wholesale company MCB, located in the city of Valkenswaard in the South of the Netherlands. He is especially interested in automating marketing processes, and is convinced of the importance of staying informed on market intelligence. This motivated him to set up an automated CI system, that won the first Dutch Business Intelligence Award. Before this function, Edwin had 3 market research functions at 3 companies (last at MCB), and has a Masters degree in Economic Psychology from the University of Tilburg.