CI at a drive system market leader - Added value for market requirements and sales

As the market leader for high precision mechatronic drive systems, one is confronted with an increasingly intense global competitive situation. This leads to the necessity of a structured observation of the competition in order to create transparency within the company and to inform all relevant stakeholders about current and future activities of the competitors. Based on the requirements of these stakeholders of competitive information, methods are presented within the Competitive Intelligence process. This includes topics of information generation and its exchange within the global company. A number of practical tools will be presented and the advantages of a global network will be demonstrated. Particularly under the background of the specific requirements of the B2B business, individual approaches and solutions are often required. This applies to both operational and strategic aspects. Participants will learn about the collection of competitive company information, technical product-related analyses, the global collection of competitive prices, strategic risk analyses as well as an outlook on future solutions.

Key topics

  • Practical use of CI Methods at a component supplier for mechanical engineering
  • Global sharing of competitor knowledge
  • Useful tools within CI process

Speaker profile

Florian Kohlschreibers profile:

Cooperative Study: B. Eng. Mechatronics at Cooperative State University (DHBW) Mosbach in cooperation with WITTENSTEIN SE

Member of Product Management of WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH

Responsible for strategic and operative competitive intelligence (CI) at WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH

Further development of CI activities and methods in the global enterprise context

Tracking of competitor activities o Strategic threat/opportunity analysis

Technical product portfolio benchmarking

Increasing added value for management, sales and market requirements by establishing specific methods and tools