Driving Market Intelligence Initiatives in Emerging Markets

Growing interest in African continent by Investors from West and China has led development of trade & business at a cross roads, now than ever before….. Africa claims advantage of being the Youngest Continent in the world, boasts 6 out of Top 10 (World) fastest growing economies in Africa, and even known for a double digit market share in Mobile money account (digital transactions)- 12% vs. 2% for Worldwide. A complex region when it comes to trade policies, and uncertainty of Governments yet, Businesses are finding themselves entering the market and quickly facing against competition, given that there’s so much potential to unlock through the growing Youth, rising technological advancements, and an increase in consumer spending, etc we set out on a journey to explore how Market Intelligence is vital in an emerging market scenario. This session is pivotal for those who are keen to understand the MI challenges in driving regional initiatives that will set pace for inputs and identify growth opportunities, contributing to creating a win back plan.  

Key topics

  1. Data Authenticity and how to challenge the sources
  2. Mapping competitor Activity that leads to identifying opportunities 

Speaker profile

Sunanda Thumati Prasanna currently works as a Market Intelligence Lead covering Middle East & African region, part of the Compete team, that sits within the broad umbrella of Marketing & Operations. Her past roles include working as a Research Lead and Senior Insights Analyst within Middle East region. Her key achievements include offering growth recommendations in launching successful business ideas, with over 9+ years of experience she holds an MBA from University of East London