Data, Information, and Insights, are commodities

Any Competitive Intelligence practitioner is familiar with the dynamic of: urgent request comes in, a lot of work is done, and finally, some summary material is shared; but limited feedback is provided back to the practitioner, making the practitioner wonder if the work was good or inappropriate or unsure how to maximize its contribution.

This session is ideal for participant’s CI/MI experience from Intermediate to Advanced.



Key topics

  • Knowing the value of your product
    Data, Information and Insights hold intrinsically different values, but their value fluctuates; some hold value for a long period, some loose value quite rapidly, thus, becoming familiar with the dynamic allows the CI professional to maximise their contribution and job satisfaction.
  • What, when and how executives like to hear/see/feel results
    Hear form the executive perspective how: is the demand generated, how are the reports reviewed and therefore how can a CI practitioner increase efficiency, effectiveness and andget a better closed-loop process.



Speaker profile

Eduardo Macias is currently the Senior Director of Home Supplies | Brand Protection organization. This team manages product life cycle strategy, security and competitive intelligence for supplies.

In previous roles, Eduardo was Director for Current Home Business and Strategy Management and Section Manager of the IPS Competitive Intelligence and Strategy function in the Print Business Management Organization.

In his past experience, Eduardo has held roles within the Competitive function since 2008. Eduardo joined HP in 2001, in those nine years he worked in many areas of the Supplies business spanning Product Engineering, Current Business, Product Development and External Affairs.

Prior to joining HP, Eduardo worked in Consultancy in Mexico and Process Engineering in Singapore.

Eduardo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Tec de Monterreryand a MBA from University of Warwick